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This roof could pay you $90,000*

This roof could pay you $90,000*

With a solar system by Swatt

*based over 20 years.

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Doing your part for the environment and make money doing it!

SWATT Solar paneling will reduce your carbon footprint and earn you thousands of dollars every year.

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Nano Insulation

Award winning liquid insulation technology that significantly reduces energy costs, saves you money and protects your house.

We Can Handle Any Shape Or Size Of Job

We take care of all the details from arranging the permits and engineer
drawings to final connection and ESA isnpection.

Micro Fit

“Pay nothing for your home’s energy usage and get paid at the same time! Learn how you can earn up to $90,000!


“Commercial Solar Power Instalations – Strip Malls, Commercial Building and Open Fields. Save and Earn Thousands $$”

Nano Insulation

“Reduce your home’s heat loss by over 40% our invisibible space aged roof paint insulation technology!”


Do It Yourself Solar Panel Home Kits. Simply solar panel kits that you can install yourself and save on your energy bill.

Why Choose Us

S.W.A.T.T is a company that places the unique needs of its customers first.
Our philosophy is simple, and our approach to helping you is direct. We listen to you, and then we provide an informed analysis of your options. We offer affordable solutions, and we expedite installation.
Each installation starts with a one on one consultation to create the best system for you. We provide an estimate on annual revenue and provide you with an all inclusive quote. We make the process easy for you by handling all applications and permits. We provided drawings for you to approve the layout.
All of our works are trained and insured and have top of the line safety equipment. I take care of them like family because some of them are.
Every system is provided with panel by panel monitoring. You will have the comfort of always knowing that your system is running at its maximum efficiency. If there are under preforming panels we replace them at no cost to you.

Contact us today to schedule a site visit. Our representative will help you to identify opportunities to improve the value of your property, while saving you money and contributing to a greener tomorrow.

Our Clients Feedback

It is great to have this company install your Solar Panels. I had 17 installed by them.
This was a bit nervous for me as the output of money I had to invest.
Looking back, Jeremy was there for every step of the way. Spending time to explain what had to happen and in which order they had to proceed . They pulled the correct permits and everything went smoothly, Once the Government signed off.

3 months after the install one of the micro inverters stopped working. Called Jeremy set up a time for the replacement. It turns out the inverter was faulty. No charge was incurred. Almost a year later everything is still working great.

Craftsmanship overall is excellent. Highly recommended.

Thanks to Swatt Solar

Robert Maddocks